About Fu-design Store

Hi, we are Fu-design Store.

We offer art lovers a variety of high quality robot graphic products, all of which were designed by Taiwanese artist, Fu. The Fu-design Store collaborates with manufacturers from around the world to produce graphic products including life-warranty canvas printings, iPad covers, graphic trucker hats, iPhone capsule cases, laptop sleeves, gadget bags, etc. Our goal is to bring colorful and unique designs to your life. We believe you will love it!

Fu's Story
Keng-Fu Chu, better known as Fu, is a multiple-disciplinary artist from Taiwan. He majored in industrial design and taught himself web design while attending college. After graduating from school, he established his own design studio (http://www.fu-design.com) where he engaged in interactive web and illustration design. Fu's work has won him accolades from throughout the world and he has featured in Illustration Now—the top 150 illustrators—and web design magazines in Taiwan, Korea, America, Germany and the United Kingdom. His portfolio website was accepted as a nominee for the Webby Awards and the Favorite Website Awards. 

During his military service, Fu has spent available leisure time illustrating the imaginary world of his mind. His unique illustration style has attracted many art lovers from all over the world.

While most of digital illustrators use Painter or Adobe Illustrator with their Wacom to do their arts, Fu uses just a mouse and Flash to create his works. He believes that an artwork should deliver the message with the simplest colors and lines by itself.

"Color is the most important feature in my work. To inspire viewers' imagination, I prefer using simple lines and colors to show diverse subjects. I believe it's those simple lines and colors have made my artwork comes alive."

In 2005, Germany publisher Taschen chose Fu as one of top 150 illustrators in the world in "Illustration NOW" , which was published in Europe and USA. His work has also been selected in art magazine "The Creator Studio #6" in Spain and "PLUGZINE 02" in Beijing and Sydney. Moreover, he was invited to participate in 18th Independent Art Festival in Belgium and Netherlands, as well as to create artworks for magazines and art books in Mexico, China and South Africa.

In 2006, a serious illness took away half of Fu's hearing and he was temporarily forced to cease his design and illustration work. After radiation surgery (gamma knife), Fu suffered from an even more painful condition, Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). Fu experienced extreme facial pain as a result of the TN and this ruined his daily life and tested his faith. In an attempt to distract himself from his pain and suffering, Fu returned to his art and began to create sculptures of robots. Instead of using art to release the pain and fury he experienced, Fu learnt how to face the pain head on and channel positive emotions through his vivid creations. Fu's robots are full of happiness, joy and energy. They are stylish, cute and colorful and they strongly reflect Fu's passion for life.

The illness didn't defeat Fu, but instead gave him an opportunity to rethink the future. 2009, Fu moved to New York City to pursue his dream of being an illustrator. After one and a half years of preparation, Fu-design Store has established. Located in New York City, Fu wants to again show the world his unique art style and also to start a new chapter in his life.

To learn more abou Fu? Please visit Fu and His Robots.